Persore Company operates in the field of buying, selling, exporting, and importing minerals as well as buying and selling mines and mining areas and can be a supplier of raw materials to many factories inside and outside the country. It also has extensive connections with miners, traders, buyers, and sellers of ore minerals.

Among the most significant activities that this company performs in the field of commerce is buying, selling, importing, and exporting (both raw and processed) iron ore, celestine, gilsonite, building stones including granite, marble, travertine, and limestone, industrial soils including kaolin, bentonite, sodic feldspar, potassic feldspar, and barite.

Also, Persol Holding has offices in other countries, including Russia and China, and has the possibility of supplying the ore minerals with the required grade, tonnage, and reasonable price.

Catalog of Persore products

اکتشافات معدنی

Mineral stone products catalog

Catalog of building stones