Persore Company's social responsibility

Educational development is the cornerstone of Iran’s economic and general development

We must fulfill our moral duty and social responsibility to the residents of areas that due to living in places far from the center, that are called outland and have been marginalized.

Since the beginning of the mining activities, the company’s policy has been based on the fact that a part of the mining revenues in each mine is spent on fulfilling social responsibilities in the same region.

For this purpose, since the launch of each mine and the beginning of mining activity, a complete needs assessment is done to help the people of the region, and so far actions such as equipping schools with computers, donating thousands of books to libraries, helping people in need at the project site, building and repairing rural roads, supplying water reservoirs for countryside villages, donation of sanitary items, repair and renovation of schools, etc. have also been done.

In 2020, operations such as building bathrooms and toilets, repairing roads in rural areas, holding training courses, providing sanitary items, etc., are also included in the company’s social responsibility plan in some villages near the mining sites.

Among the latest actions that have been carried out in this field, the renovation and overhaul of the school in Qeshlaq Reza village in Kurdistan province, the restoration and renovation of the water source in Darreg Ahou village in Sistan and Baluchistan province, etc. can be mentioned.

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