An overview of Persore's activities in the field of Geology and exploration

An overview of persore’s activities in the field

Exploration of mines

Exploration is the cornerstone of mining, and if this stage is not done principally and systematically, irreparable losses will be inflicted in the exploitation and processing stages. Exploration is always considered the main axis of Persore company’s activity.

In the exploration field, as one of the main specialties of Persore, a wide range of activities has been carried out. Field operations, prospecting and collection of geological information, geochemistry, sampling and chemical analysis, geophysics, surface and deep excavations, core drilling, logging, preparation of geological and topographical maps by cameras and drones, mathematical modeling of exploratory deposits, and finally Compilation of exploratory technical plans and reports is one of the activities carried out in Persore company for the exploration of deposits.

Persore projects in the field of geology and exploration