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In 2009, Persal Company started its activity in the field of mining with the export of iron ore, and then, it added the export of other minerals such as celestine and chromite to its export portfolio. Since 2013, iron ore processing and beneficiation was added to the plans of this company and it has built 2 iron ore processing lines. The increase in mining activities and the goals and prospects of the company in the field of expansion of mining activities led to the foundation of Pressor Company in 2016. After the foundation of Pressor company, mining and Exploitation of Celestite, as well as detailed exploratory studies in different parts of Iran to record suitable mineral areas were started, and as a result of these operations, several feldspar, dolomite, Celestine, and building stone mines have reached the Exploitation stage. Currently, with a specialist mining team, the company’s exploration activities have expanded and it is exploring several mining areas in the fields of feldspar, silica, dolomite, iron ore, gold, etc., as a result, several mines have reached the Exploitation stage. Also, the design of processing lines with cutting-edge technology is conducted in this company to achieve higher value added for ore minerals, and since 2022, trade and export of minerals have been added to the activities of this company.
درباره ما پرسور
درباره ما پرسور
  • Modern equipment
  • specialist expert
  • Accurate assessment
  • Creating value added

Overview of activities

6+years of experience
15+specialist expert
4mine is in the exploitation stage
7+Active project

Company Mission (Assignment)