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Relying on the two strategies of using competent domestic specialists and having external consultants and specialists in line with the update the mining operations, Persore Company seeks to expand the scope and also increase the value-added of mineral products, and by combining knowledge, experience, and expertise and using new technologies can cooperate in the field of geology and exploration, exploitation, processing and trading of mineral materials from initial prospecting studies to the obtaining of exploitation license and sale. So far, Persore Company has conducted geological studies and mineral prospecting in hundreds of areas in the country to reconnaissance ore mineral potentials and exploration of more than 20 mining areas, and then it has obtained exploration Licenses, exploration certificates, and exploitation Licenses in potential mineral areas, and exploitation operations have been done by equipping several mines. To create value-added in the mines and to prevent crude sales, Persore has built several processing units for the production and enrichment of metallic and non-metallic raw materials. Since the beginning of 2022, buying, selling, exporting minerals, trading mining areas, and supplying raw minerals to factories have also been added to the company’s activities.
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