Geology, Exploration, Exploitation, and Processing


Company Mission (Assignment)

Carrying out geological activities, exploration, design, exploitation, and processing of minerals in our mining areas, reconnaissance and exploration of iron, celestine, copper, and gold reserves, as well as creating value-added activity in the supply chain of the mining industry by processing and producing high-quality products by cutting edge technologies.
  • Geology and exploration
  • Exploitation
  • processing
سیلیس پرسور
معدن فلدسپات شرکت پرسور
پرسور، اکتشاف استخراج معادن

Our services are in the way

of creating value added in the Mining industry supply chain

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Introducing the managers

Pressor board of directors

Pedram Soltani

Chairman of the Board

پروا سلطانی

Parva Soltani

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Moin Soleimani


پرسور معدن
پرسور معدن


In 2009, Persal Company started its activity in the field of mining with the export of iron ore, and then, it added the export of other minerals such as celestine and chromite to its export portfolio. Since 2013, iron ore processing and beneficiation was added to the plans of this company and it has built 2 iron ore processing lines. The increase in mining activities and the goals and prospects of the company in the field of expansion of mining activities led to the foundation of Pressor Company in 2016.After the foundation of the Pressor company, mining and exploitation of Celestite, as well as detailed exploratory studies in different parts of Iran to record suitable mineral areas were started.